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Using the best for unbelievable quality

At Black Lava Production we work with Sony, Zhyun and DJI.


We use the Sony A7RIII as a hybrid camera for Photography and Sony A7III for Videography with several lenses started from 14mm to 600mm, a Zhyun Crane 3 Lab for the stabiliser, a DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mavic Air II, DJI AVATA (FPV) as drones and a Sea frog underwater housing with different domes and ports.


We also use a GoPro Hero 9 & 10 and a GoPro Max for immersion (POV). 


The sounds is more important than image, therefore we work with multiples kinds of microphones. 


Edits are made on MacBook M1 with Adobe Creative Cloud. 

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